Pivotal CRM

for Real Estate

CRM that does what you

want it to do

Pivotal CRM for Real Estate Developers is sophisticated solution which supports Real Estate Developer Companies in the most important business processes.

It covers all operations in any department of organization from investment project through sales and after-sales support to property’s delivery.

General information

With our many years’ experience we support quick, flexible optimization of sales, marketing and services processes in our clients’ companies. Our industry expertise and the verticalization of our solutions for specific industry segments are our strategic goals. For more than 15 years Pivotal Poland is developing CRM in industry-specific segments i.a. real estate developers.

Pivotal CRM for Real Estate Developers improves and automates key processes related to investment management, lands purchasing, sales, customer service, marketing as well as cooperation with third-parties, including: brokers, partners, suppliers and general contractors.
Thanks to the dedicated interfaces and open integration functionality of the Pivotal CRM Platform, it is possible to integrate it with the external systems of a development company (e.g. bookkeeping system, ERP, document flow, workflow, call centre, website etc.), as well as well-known and commonly used tools such as MS Outlook, Word and Excel (native integration of the platform with the MS Office Suite). Moreover, it can be used both on desktop computers and on mobile devices (smartphones/tablets) running Android or iOS.


Investment project

Pivotal CRM for Real Estate Developers provides overall support in terms of the management of an investment project, from the moment of acquiring the land/real estate, through division and/or consolidation of the plot, registration of documents, obtaining planning permission, preparation of the development project and its financial plan, registration of the terms of cooperation with the suppliers and general contractor, to invoice management and project accounting.

The essential functionalities related to these include:

Real estate development:

li-square  Lands’ database building ;
li-square  Lands’ parcels options;
li-square  Registration of lands feature  (description of land, location, site, etc.);
li-square  Localization of lands and real estates on map;
li-square  Documents’ registry (analysis of land capacity, due diligence, other documents needed before land purchase);
li-square  Actions and tasks registration – full history of events which were done during land purchase;
li-square  Milestones and alerts;
li-square  Land purchase;
li-square  Lands slit for sections, stages and buildings.

Project and implementation:

li-square  Construction projects (deadlines, schedules, etc.);
li-square  Valuation of usable floor space, building height;
li-square  Building permission (documents’ scans,   deadlines and milestones alerts);
li-square  Construction;
li-square  General Contractor / suppliers;
li-square  Terms of contracts with general contractor;
li-square  Terms of maintenance and warranty;
li-square  Construction balance sheets;
li-square  General Contractor’s agreement settlement – invoicing and settlement on correct position in balance sheet.

Marketing Module

The ways in which development companies acquire new customers are changing constantly, with new methods and possibilities emerging thanks to websites and social media. Pivotal CRM for Developers helps clients make use of these tools and manage their campaigns. The Marketing Module is used to automate the various channels of communication required in the process of acquiring customers. It allows the launching of complex, multi-channel campaigns, whose effectiveness is evaluated on a regular basis.

Also basic functionalities related to marketing support include:

li-square  Marketing campaigns & projects;
li-square  Media plans / Omni channel management;
li-square  Marketing budget;
li-square  Linking marketing budget to sales budget;
li-square  Integration with telephone exchange / switchboard and call center;
li-square  Mass  emails and text massage sending.

Sales Module

This helps to build high quality in terms of customer service as well as automating and optimizing the work of sales and customer service offices. The predefined functionalities of Pivotal CRM for Real Estate Developers ensure comprehensive support for the sales teams of development companies as well as facilitate the management of the products they offer.

Basic functionalities related to sales support:

Product catalog:

li-square  Products;
li-square  Price lists / Discounts;
li-square  Product’s documentation;
li-square  Products data sheets;
li-square  Visualizations;
li-square  Related products.


li-square  Leads;
li-square  Pre-sales;
li-square  Sales opportunities;
li-square  Reservations;
li-square  Negotiations;
li-square  Sale confirming;
li-square  Combined sale;
li-square  Benefits and discounts;
li-square  Commissions for brokers.

Sales Support

The process of negotiating the conditions for the sale of apartments or business premises is complex and often extended. The success of such a process depends entirely on the skills and experience of the real estate specialists and their support staff. The business process support implemented in Pivotal CRM for Real Estate Developers allows to map an individual approach of the negotiation process obligatory in the company. Systematizing the process makes it possible to take immediate action at key moments (e.g. swift price acceptance), which often assists in the rapid closure of such transactions.

The use of mobile solutions offers additional support in the process, allowing managers to approve the pricing conditions in real time, for example:

li-square  Customer interactions, history – 360° view;
li-square  Discounts policy;
li-square  Bespoke or turnkey packages;
li-square  Gifts management.

Customer Service

The customer service processes in the development industry, from signing of the first agreement until the acceptance of premises, requires the engagement of numerous specialists from different departments of the company. Systematizing the flow of information among these staff can be crucial in improving the quality of customer service. Pivotal CRM for Real Estate Developers supports all operating processes and ensures prompt contact with the customer. It also guarantees due compliance with the timetable of activities related to handing over premises.

Customer services:

li-square  Sale confirming;
li-square  Up – sell / Cross – sell;
li-square  Design & decoration works;
li-square  Payments and settlements with Client;
li-square  Invoicing (client);
li-square  After-sales service.


li-square  Transfer of property;
li-square  Delivery meetings management;
li-square  Delivery / acceptance report;
li-square  Management of keys, remotes, documents, equipment, decorations delivery;
li-square  Apartment’s defects registration and management;
li-square  Building defects.

Legal services:

li-square  Legal services;
li-square  Notary meeting management (calendar management, email and text alerts and reminders).

Book keeping:

li-square  Schedules / Payments,
li-square  Settlement
li-square  Debt collection
li-square  Payments, invoices and interests notes management
li-square  Integration with bookkeeping systems


Benefits of implementation

Thanks to the implementation of Pivotal CRM for Real Estate Developers, our customers gain quantifiable business benefits:

li-square  Improving the management of the processes related to land acquisition: creating a land bank;
li-square  Increasing the quality of sales forecasting: more detailed planning of sales and marketing budgets;
li-square  Increasing the quality of information flow between departments;
li-square  Systematizing cooperation with third parties: partners, suppliers and contractors;
li-square  Tracking and analysing purchasing trends among customers in the real estate market.

Why Pivotal Poland?

li-square  We offer a complex solution, used by leading companies in the development industry;
li-square  System implementation is customizable in accordance with customer’s needs and business processes;
li-square  As the system is based on a platform, its functionality can be extended in the future (including new modules and business processes, and use of the system in another company of the group).

Our experienced implementation team:

li-square  has long-standing experience in implementing CRM solutions;
li-square  participates actively in the processes used within development companies;
li-square  implements the system in the companies of other representatives of the industry.